Brollachan Deerhounds

About our Dogs in Gainesville, Fl


Ever since I was a child, I've had an interest in all things medieval, therefore having Deerhounds was a natural progression.  My first Deerhound was a rescue from a hunter who had no use for her, as she was gun shy.  She was a most beautiful dog and had become timid and wary from her previous life.   I called her Isabeau (from the movie Ladyhawke).  This was in 1987 and she was approx. 2 years old.

She soon settled into her new pampered lifestyle and became a wonderful addition to the family.  She shared the attention with Max, an Aussie Terrier X, Bill, a Lab X, and Emmaline, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They all got on famously.     Her favourite activity was running on the beach. When Isabeau was about 6 yo, she became blind from a retinal degenerative disease.   This however did not slow her up much and she still enjoyed a full life.  In 1994 she developed renal failure and was put to sleep.

Isabeau was approx. 9 years old.


It was after Terry, my husband, and I moved into our new home, in Perth WA that we decided it was time to get another dog.  Of course I wanted a Deerhound.  After some discussion and spotting a fortuitous ad in the paper we got Dana in 1995.  She came from Dalwallinu, which is a small country community in Western Australia. 

Dana was a wonderful dog with a great personality and sense of humour.   Her favourite activity was terrorizing people in the dog park.  She loved people and always rushed to say hello.  I had to warn people to act like a tree, as they inevitably would step in her path, as she would whoosh past like an air force salute.  She was so full of joy and exuberance.  At that time we had 3 cats, and they would all curl up in front of the fire together in winter.

Dana seemed exceptionally tall for a bitch, standing between 33 34.  

 She graduated from the P.T.O.D.C Inc 1st year obedience in 1995.  Most mornings I would take her for a walk to the local football oval at 5.00 in the morning.  This way we would escape the heat and the cars.  She could chase the odd bunny and loved chasing and retrieving sticks.  It was on one of these mornings that we lost our Dana.  She was 6.5  years old, when she had a heart attack and died,  doing what she loved most, having her morning walk.


It took 18 months before we could get another Deerhound after Dana died.  In that time we had moved to Tasmania, and bought a lovely 6 acre property just out of Hobart.   Bree was well worth the wait.   She is from the Jacobite Kennels in Victoria, Jacobite Brianag, and is a most wonderful companion and a great show dog.  She was awarded her Championship title at 13 months and has won numerous class winnings in Group  as well as multiple Best in Group and Runner up in Group.   She also won a Best Puppy in Show at 9 months. It was not long after we got Bree we saw an ad for a 10 month old Deerhound in the local Trading Post. We decided it might be nice as a companion for Bree.


This was when we met Xena. Xena certainly is a character. She has so much personality, though little manners. I feel that her previous life has led her to have a very destructive nature, but her cheeky, playful character has her forgiven constantly. When we got Xena she was a timid and wary dog, and has a fear of loud noises such as gun shots. When the neighbours up the road let off shots, she is straight to my feet and stays there till she feels it is safe. One of her nicknames is velcro as she stays by your side, stuck to your leg. We have had Xena now for nearly 4 years and she has become a very loving and sociable dog. So for 2006 we are going to put her in the ring and see how she goes.

An update on Xena. 7/06
Xena has taken to the showring well. Though as yet she hasn't any points as she competes against Bree who, as I have stated is a great example of the breed. We have received many comments on how well she has adapted to this social activity and how well she presents herself.
We are proud of our "Girls" in everyway.



Lockie is our latest addition, joining our clan on 8/03/07. He comes from the Glassonby Kennels in Victoria. His registered name is Glassonby Grey Ghost. Lockie has turned out to be the sweetest boy. Very well behaved and house training has been a far.
After a bit of a shaky start, the girls seem to have taken to him well. Especially Xena who loves to play with him and is teaching him the ropes. Bree has been a little slower in her acceptance, but has started to interact with him now in a friendly manner. Thank you Ultimate Cleaning Solution for your cleaning services, that keep our facilities clean for our precious breeds.