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This page has been a long time coming, but I hope to be able to keep events and happenings up to date

My Goodness! How time flies. I can't believe that 4 months has past since I have updated. Our hounds are doing very well. Lockie has grown into a lovely boy and has started making an impression in the show ring. He has won multiple Best of Breeds, beating Bree, and has won multiple Group Class wins. I am so happy with his progress. New photo in Show Shots.

Today is Lockies birthday. To celebrate his brother Fergus came for a play and then the humans went out for lunch. It was a very enjoyable day for dogs and humans alike.  Photos in Lockies  photo page.

Today was Lockies 10 month anniversary and also Dogfest 07 which is a popular show held the same weekend as the Royal Hobart Show. Today Lockie strutted his stuff and won BOB over Ch Jacobite Brianag. Bree's heart just wasn't in it for today. Photos in Show Shots.

Today Lockie has decided to start helping round the house and his chore is to help collect fire wood from around the property. He thoroughly enjoys his new role as wood collector, though not all the wood endsup in the wood box and I need to search the paddock to finish the collection.

I have to admit, I have been rather over-protective of Lockie. I have been wary about letting him out running with the girls but the day has come. First of all I just let him out with Bree. They had a lovely run and there no mishaps. So while they were calm I let Xena out. Well, they weren't calm for long and soon the three of them were thundering round the paddock. Poor Xena nearly gave herself a coronary. Play was very rough and I was a nervous wreck, but Lockie loved the thrill of it.

The Brighton Kennel Club held a show today and we were again going to compete against Fergus. The boys behaved very well and again it was a difficult decision but this time Lockie won the Challenge. Bree, again, went on to get Runner up In Group.

Today we had a show with the Kennel Club of Tasmania. This was Lockies brother Fergus' aka Galssonby Wil Talbot, first show. They were both looking good and it was a hard decison for the judge but Fergus won Challenge with Bree getting BOB
Bree aka Ch Jacobite Brianag won Runner up In Group

This would have to be our most important update. The day that Glassonby Grey Ghost aka Lockie came home.  We had been waiting a long time to get our new pup and again, definately worth the wait. He has the most wonderful temperament and a very handsome boy.

We've decided to keep our individual training in tampa, fl to maintain our health.